Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Wow, first week back to class did not go as planned.

Classes began on Tuesday and I was not prepared...for anything. Especially the 9 inches of snow that gifted the glorious state of Missouri Wednesday/Thurs. To add to that, I have gotten maybe 20 hours of sleep in the past 7 days. One could say I'm exhausted. Completely and totally, wiped out from head to toe, not able to lift a hand or head, and ridiculously cranky.

9 inches of snow

My whole life I've battled with random bouts of insomnia that rob me of precious hours of sleep. This week I have had a very difficult time getting to sleep. For those that dont know what I am talking about, let me clue you in a bit. You go to bed early, with the hopes of falling asleep before midnight. You make some tea, get comfortable and settle in bed with a book, or movie if you prefer. Then you get sleepy, but alas, you cannot sleep! No, for the next 3-6 hours you lay awake in agony, just wishing you could close your eyes and sleep. You try the couch, the spare bedroom, the floor. Nothing works. After a few nights of this, you begin to lose sanity a bit, and dread going to bed, knowing you won't be able to sleep that night. Possibly at 3 in the morning you have a massive breakdown and bawl your eyes out and start throwing things (me). You just want glorious rest. then miraculously, after about 7 days or so, you sleep. Oh joyous sleep! And do you ever; you can't do anything but sleep. For almost 2 days...And thats what I've done this week.

Luckily, Thurs we had so much snow I could not get my car out of the driveway to go to class or work, so I slept. The city didn't even start plowing the roads till 2PM that day and it had begun snowing at noon on Wednesday. Today, Friday the road we still a clusterF, but I battled it out since I have 4 classes on friday and could not miss another day of class. Yeah, Mizzou does not cancel for anything...

What I'm trying to get at is I have not accomplished much of anything of worth this week but I blame insomnia. Being extremely tired for 7 days makes me a lazy, non-caring bum and it was all I could do to get up and go to class ( I have 3 classes T/Th and 4 MWF), let alone eating healthy or working out (or riding). So again, epic fail :(

My goals for Jan/Feb have been pushed aside and I am ashamed. I need to do better. Must get my butt into gear!!! Like NOW! I MUST make time to eat right, and pack a lunch for school, squeeze in a workout or 4, and ride Yankee.

The healthiest thing I ate this week was a salad with 3 oz of chicken and a small handfull of crutons and 3tbs of dressing. It was a zone meal, so that makes 1 for the week. I'm supposed to be eating the zone everyday....


Jan and Feb.
  1. Stick to the Zone for 5 days a week
  2. Stop wearing sweatpants everyday
  3. Work out 4x's a week (wether that be the gym or power walking with Zoey the dog
  4. Lose about 5 more lbs.
  5. Tone up arms, legs and stomach
  6. Be able to run 2 miles no big
Ok so I blew#1, 5, 6 and 3 for this week.
I DID wear jeans 3 times this week though! Baby steps! Every other weekin Jan I have stuck to the Zone...I THINK I lost 3-5lbs though. Walking to class everyday adds up to a mile or more and in snow, with a 40lb backpack, can be a wicked workout. Also I shoveled a ton of snow. Literally.

This is the main road on campus. Not plowed,
2 days after the snowfall. Sidewalks looked the same. Ugh.

So, revision of goals now that I know my class/work sch.
  1. Work out 3x's a week at the gym, including what I already do riding and walking.
  2. Lose another 5lbs in Feb., or more.
  3. Tone up my legs, alot. I am more self conscious about my saddlebags and calves than anything else, and I'm starting to really look chunky in the saddle. Plus I want to be able to fit into my new (one season), expensive show boots by may.
  4. Ride AT least 3 times a week. With my sch. that will be difficult but Yankee deserves to be schooled too.
  5. Still no sweatpants everyday.
  6. Drink LOTS of water ( bought a very NICE water bottle for that).
  7. Pack a zone lunch at least 3 times a week (need a lunchbox).
  8. Get 7 hours minimum of sleep a night.


  1. Hey I would not consider that a fail at all!! I know how bad insomnia can be and it's just impossible to function when you've had little to no sleep. Stay positive and just keep going.

    I also definitely would not consider number three a fail for sure. Not with walking to class in snow. That's a great workout! :)

    Your new list sounds great. You can do it!

  2. thanks! I worked out yesterday too, it was a killer! But I felt better, and slept for once.