Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to It

I made it out for a run and to pilates on Friday, but then I took off for Seattle. I have a rule about vacations: they don't count. It's ok if you eat too much and spend a little too much--you are on vacation.


I'm not saying that Denali's Mom and I went to McDonalds three times in one day, but it might have happened. Then I remembered something:

This is Denali's mom and I trying on breeches.

This is an elephant's butt at Point Defiance Zoo:

We look damn good.

I did try to go for a run this morning (with my overjoyed little Beagle and less enthusiastic corgi), but it's been foggy all night and it's below freezing. That meant that I could literally ice skate down the road in my shoes. We walked instead.


  1. I must say, those breeches do look good and snazzy :) How is Seattle btw? I visited WA as a wee 8th grader and loved it. Always thought about moving up there....

  2. I totally agree about vacation! Does not count!

  3. Seattle was great. I had a blast. Also ate too much and spent too much. Win!

  4. You look great! Let's just say I'm not even to the point where I want to try on my breeches right now, maybe in a few months.