Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting Into the Zone

Hi, I'm Monica an eventer/dressager and one of the many authors of this blog. I would have commented all all the previous authors posts, since I read all of them last night, but instead I will just say it was nice hearing all your stories (and 'meeting' you) and good luck to us all in our weight loss endeavor :)

So a little bit about me and my story;
I think I might be the youngest author here, but that does not mean I am any less conflicted with extra poundage hangin about. I was always an active ohio girl, with horses, soccer, track and cross country and blessed with good genes. Staying lean and healthy was never a problem and I usually ate whatever I felt like (insert salty snacks and fast food, especially Wendy's and Taco Bell). I even recall telling my certified crossfit/personal trainer mother "That I am young and thus shall eat whatever I want till it catches up to me and exercise was for squares. Riding two horses everyday is enough for me." (All of the sports listed above were half hearted attempts to keep mom happy and me busy.) And of course being a young niave teenager I defiantly went against my mothers strict diet for the family. It was BLISS! Sadly it did catch up to me, wicked fast...

Fast forward a few years from that comment to sophomore year in college. I had recently transferred colleges from Wright State University in Dayton, OH to The University of Missouri Columbia in Columbia, MO (aka Mizzou). Here the saying is not the "freshman 15" but the "Mizzou 22". The Mizzou 22 came into my life in October 2009 and has since refused to leave permanently. A quick backstory as to why I gained all this weight so quickly..
'That fateful night in August 2009 it seemed like a regular night at my place of employment (name shall be witheld since the following occurrences led to a very shady cover up from such place of employment that prevented me from getting a reasonable workers comp check, medical bill coverage and whatnot..) and I was going about my cleaning duties at the store. I had a bucket of soapy water in my hand, a long scrub brush for the floor and a squeegee. I walked through the swinging door from the back of the house to the main floor to do my duty and next thing I know I am on the ground, all the water and utensils strewn across the floor with me. Sopping wet, I went to get up and promptly fell back down. Puzzled, I took a glance at my non working legs and saw blood...everywhere. Odd, since I was feeling no pain. But there it was a small 2 in, cut on my left lower ankle. Turns out the squeegee was old and the metal on it was rusted and sharp, and as i came through the door, the swing caught the squeegee and it bounced so precisely on my left achilles tendon that it straight severed it. Well that explained why I couldn't stand...but once I saw the blood I went to pieces. My severed tendon was visible through the cut and I was terrified. Some coworkers took me to the ER and I got stitched up and repaired and ordered to crutches for four months. AWESOME.'

So starting my sophomore year on crutches did not bode well for my waistline. I continued to eat my regular diet but with the sudden change of not being able to ride or even walk, I QUICKLY gained over 30lbs in one month. OH snap. Along with the weight I had just the loveliest of all douchebag boyfriends, horrid roomates, no horse time and raw underarms from crutches I spiraled into depression. I tried to lose weight but because I was stuck on crutches, nothing worked. I was able to get off crutches early if I promised to keep it easy and wear a brace, in December but to add pain to punishment, my ENTIRE family informed me I looked fat over Christmas break.

The second blow to my body (and second injury) came that December when I slipped and fell on ice while gingerly walking to my car. FANTASTIC, a torn miniscus and fractured tibia. Back on crutches for me and even more time to wallow in self pity and sweatpants.

I was able to get off crutches in April of 2010 after almost 8 months total of those vile things and I took a massive look in the mirror. I was not happy with what I saw. The worst day ever was when I went to Kohls and bought fat jeans for the first time, Iliterally cried at the register. Something had to be done and I began a rigorous exercise program with low impact cardio since my injuries were still fresh and painful. One summer later I hadn't really lost that much weight and sweatpants were still what i felt most comfortable in. The sneaky 'muffin top' was still prevalent, Tina the Talking Tummy had taken residence and my thunder thighs did not wrap well around my horse or look good in jeans. The weight just hasn't stayed away for good! BAH.

Which brings me to about a week ago. I started a new way of eating (I refuse to call it a diet) called the Zone. It is based off portion sizes (by weight or measurements) and activity level. It is a very balanced way of eating and I can still eat whatever I like. As of now, I eat 5 days on the Zone and 2 days off. Everyday I eat 11 blocks of food, 3 blocks for bfast, lunch and dinner and 2-2 block snacks. So far I have lost about 3 lbs in a little over a week, most of it waterweight, but people HAVE noticed! EEEE! More later on the Zone though, since I have typed quite a novel here! Along with the Zone, I ride everyday and try to go on walks with my dog, but as of yet I am SO busy that getting my bum to the gym is difficult. Once classes start again it will be easier to work out since the gym is on campus.

So a few goals for end of Jan, and Feb.
  1. Stick to the Zone for 5 days a week
  2. Stop wearing sweatpants everyday
  3. Work out 4x's a week (wether that be the gym or power walking with Zoey the dog
  4. Lose about 5 more lbs.
  5. Tone up arms, legs and stomach
  6. Be able to run 2 miles no big
Current weight, 178lbs
Goal: "ideal"weight so says the docs for a 5'9 college kid

Until next time, Monica (Yankee's Mom)


  1. I am supportive, I am supportive... but I have to say LOVE your goal of "not wear sweatpants everyday." I too have that goal. I wore sweatpants EVERYDAY for three months. I finally lost the first 20 pounds and was able to wear my jeans again.

    Good luck!

  2. Haha thanks! I can't wait to feel comfortable in jeans again :)

  3. Wow sorry about your injuries. My husband injured his back in September and has been out of work since then so I understand what you must have gone through. He's finding it impossible to lose weight with his injury too. Hopefully once he's better he can get back to a healthy weight. You have good goals there and I know you can do it!