Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hi, I'm SprinklerBandit, and I'm overweight...

I was really pretty, thin, and fit in highschool and the first couple years of college. (Sadly, I thought I needed to lose weight.) Then, between marriage, a desk job, and discovering that I am really good at baking sweets, I became not so thin. Even fat. Yikes!

I want to be an eventer. I keep my horse on a pretty rigorous conditioning schedule, and I realize I need to do the same for myself.

The other bloggers seem to have all purchased a pair of smaller breeches... I haven't, because A) I am a large framed person who will never be a 24 in breeches and B) the ones I want to look good in are expensive. I will obsessively bargain hunt when the time comes.

Here they are. They're the gold standard of eventing breeches, but as another heavy friend of mine pointed out, the last things girls like us need is more attention drawn to our butts.

I don't have a specific weight goal, mostly because I'm so uneducated about that sort of thing that I wouldn't even know what to think. Instead, I'll set goals that I think I can reach without obsessing about numbers:

1) Be able to run a 10k in April
2) Actually run a 10k sometime this summer and do it in under an hour. (Less than 10 minute miles!!)
3) Drop from size XL to size L in kerrits breeches. (Hey, not a number).
4) Eat smaller portions. I generally eat reasonably healthy food, I just eat too much of it.
5) Be generous with baking. If I want cookies, I'll make them. However, instead of hording them and eating them all myself, I will GIVE THEM AWAY to people not trying to get fit. Or to people who already are, in an effort to sabotage them... I kid.

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  1. Haha sabotage me all you want. Bring on the cookies!! :D I was interested in running marathons the summer before last, but was having health problems that kept me from doing it. Maybe I should try again. :) You can do it!