Monday, February 6, 2012


Thats my number :)

Weight, that is.

I know, I know. A woman is never supposed to reveal her weight. Or age (21). Looks like I am breaking all of society norms.

To me, even though I am happy with it, its just a number. In high school, at my fittest, I weighed 165, and I was THIN. But, I was running track, and my thigh muscles were beastly; and as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat.

I'm still happy though, since all this hard work has paid off! Slowly and steadidly.

I'm still doing about 4-6 days a week at the gym in addition to my 2 jobs and horseback riding. Depending on the day, I do a hard cardio program [I'll explain in a minute] then lightly lift. On days I focus more on lifting [only 1-3 days a week, since I HATE], I only do warm up cardio for 10min.

Cardio wise, I like to spend 30 min on the elliptical regardless. I have an old knee injury which hurts like a bitch if I run for more than 20 minutes, and since I like to do 40+ minutes of cardio, I always start off on the elliptical. Then, I go to the tredmill and vary the workouts. Like yesterday I did sprints; 20 minutes of 2 min sprints and 2 min. wlaking on incline intervals. It was a hella workout. Some days I just run as hard as I can for 10 minutes. Some days I set mileage, like 3 miles, no matter how long it takes.

Weights wise, I split my body into sections. I have upperbody-arms, upperbody-chest/back, core-abs/back then lower body-legs. And I rotate through them. Varying with free weights and machines.

I'd like to thank my "personal fitness guru", the Boyfriend. Without him, I would never go to the gym. Seriously.

I'm trying to decide if my recent weight losss of 2 lbs is due to the workouts, or my lack of food at my house. In case you didn't know, I is pretty po', and I've been putting off buying groceries to feed and house my horse. My pantry is looking pretty bare and my fridge has cleared out. All I have is milk, pickles and condiments. And I've basically been eating cereal for lunch and dinner everyday. Throw a can of soup in there and a can of V8 too. Otherwise, just coffee for me. Real balanced diet aye?

I really need to go grocery shopping.