Thursday, January 13, 2011

Diet Fail.

Today, I failed. I ate a delicious hamburger, had some fries and drank half a soda and it was glorious.

But I do not care.

Want to know why?

I spent 3+ hours in the ER wondering if my ankle was broken or not after a barn accident today and was stressed out of my mind from worrying.

Worrying about it being broken and having to miss work (and consequentially, $$), worrying about being fired because I KNEW I would have to call off for a few days (place of employment is weird like that) worrying about not being able to ride or show this season, worrying about having to crutch around campus AGAIN, worrying about medical bills, worrying about gaining more weight, etc etc.

After 3+ hours of excruciating pain and endless fretting and xrays and CATscans only to find out it is a bad sprain and contusion (fancy word for deep bruising) I...was....exhausted, hungry and grumpy...

And all I wanted was a cheeseburger from wendy's and those amazing new fries of theirs.

So I ate it with no guilt, and some sweet tea and percocet later, I feel much better.

Back to the zone diet tomorrow and a week of doing nothing on the couch.

TTFN, Yankee's mom

To get more juicy details about what happened, go to my horse blog ( tomorrow!


  1. Ow! Crap! I would have eaten it too. I notice when I'm really stressed out I lack the self control to eat healthy, but I figure if it doesn't happen often it's no big deal. I'm a really bad comfort eater and I worry excessively so keeping it from happening too often is the hard part lol.

    I hope you feel better soon and that it heals up quickly. I'm glad it wasn't broken.

  2. Yikes. Glad you're sort of ok. Surely the stress and pain will melt the pounds away in no time, right? ;-)

  3. JEEEEEZUUS. That's not good! glad you're ok!! Coming from a girl who has broken both ankles multiple times (talent..) I can tell you that sometimes those deep sprains and bruising are 10x worse! heal quickly!

  4. haha I hope the stress and pain will melt the lbs away!
    I always seem to injure's like a 'tradition'. I can't go one semester without doing something!
    I am also verrrry glad its not broken, but it'll still take 5-6 weeks to be 100% again.
    thank you guys :)