Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mexi Fries.

For those of you nowhere near the pacific northwest, I'm sorry.  I'm not sorry that you're (likely) buried in snow, but I am sorry that you do not know the joy/curse of the mexi fry.

The mexi fry is a beautiful creation of "Taco Time" which is a regional "mexican" fast food chain.  It is NOT taco bell, it is delicous.  Some people think that mexi fries are tater tots.  They are not.  I take personal offense to this misnomer because there is some intangible flavor (probably MSG) that makes mexi fries the most scrumptious delicious thing in the world.  Now I like tots, don't get me wrong, but aside from shape, they share very little with the highly esteemed mexi fry.

Which brings me to today.  Today I had a massive diet fail.  Unlike Denali's Mom I did not "have a piece of chocolate." I had my caloric intake for one (maybe two..) days in a single sitting.


Well, for those of you that know Pia, It's been rough.  I'm frustrated, confused and feeling inadequate.  It's not tragic, but pile that on top of work stress, a missing fiance (he's stuck east of the mountains "working"), and wedding tensions with the fam... I took the out-the-door line at subway as license to hit up my trusty old friend, Taco Time. (also, for those of you near Washington.. for some reason TT's here are different than Oregon and Idaho.  They are even MORE delicious, dang it.)

So here I am, airing my delicious shame online.  It's sorta like a confessional.. So I guess I need someone to tell me to do 40 pushups and 200 lunges to atone for my sins..... :)



  1. Aww please don't beat yourself up over the thing with Pia. At least she isn't crazy! I don't think it will take you long to get this sorted out. Knowing what is causing the problem is usually the hardest part and a problem is simply another opportunity to train and learn. Now that you know what needs to be done you can do it and you will both be happier. As for the diet fai . . . um deviation, chalk it up to a bad day and use it as motivation for sorting out your relationship problems with Pia. We know you can do it!

  2. It was a slippery slop. A piece of chocolate yesterday...a bag of goldfish today. I weighed in and gained a pound, so I figured what the hell. They were delicious goldfish. I regret nothing.

    I also feel sad for anyone who does not have Taco Time.

  3. There was a Taco Time in Rock Springs, Wyoming where we used to live. So yummy! I sure could use one of those now being in the Pittsburgh area there isn't much choice for good Mexican food. Taco Bell doesn't cut it.

  4. RMY, I am from PA! (2 hours north east of Pittsburgh) Pittsburgh doesn't have good Mexican, but you do have Primanti brothers! We have nothing like that here.