Thursday, January 20, 2011


When it rains, it pours. 

This is definitely true of weather patterns in Seattle, my snacking habits... and every once in a while, my exercise.

Yesterday was one of those days.  One of those "enough is enough" days and "stop hitting snooze and go to the GYM already" days.

So I did. I got up and met my trainer/friend at the gym before work to get my ass (literally) handed to me. The only downside of befriending professional athletes/trainers is that they get a little less, ahem, professional in their tactics.  Trainer Man now feels it appropriate to inform me when my ass flattens/sinks/becomes overshadowed by love handles, etc.

While I appreciate the honesty, sometimes a girl could use a cup of coffee before such a conversation.

Regardless, we had a great workout.  He went a little nice on me since I'm still not moving like I should post the whole "rear/buck/fall" thing a couple weeks ago, but here's what we did:

Set 1:
Flys (with 12lb weights, laying on bench) x15
reverse flys (8lb weights) x20
bent over rows (40lb bar) x20
Kettle bell swings (18lb) x20

Repeat set 4 times

Set 2:
90 seconds cross punching with 4lb weights (OW)
knee ups (in the captain chair) x20
(I'm forgetting our 4th exercise here..)

Repeat set 4 times..

Right now he's trying to get my back un-stuck and capable of bending again while still focusing on core moves.  The bike sprints are a particular favorite of his, and while they cause me undying pain, they are a really good way to jack up my heart rate without making me endure sustained cardio.  I highly recommend them...

Anyway, then I went on my merry way (to coffee and breakfast) feeling oddly productive and even managed to avoid a spoonful of peanut butter (personal weakness)

After work I hit the barn and worked my BUTT OFF trying to get the mare in front of my leg.  (more panting and sweating).  I know that riding is good for us, but that was 40 minutes of legit cardio.  Thanks Mare.

Then I went bowling.  Which doesn't sound hard, and isn't a regular activity for me, but every time I go... I wake up being sore in the weirdest places.  I'd like to say that it's due to muscle usage, but I think it might be more due to the fact that I near fall down after the ball every time I attempt to hurl it down the lane... does that count as a "stabilizing" work out??? 

I'm voting yes.

Unfortunately, the reason that made me bowl also fed me beers and mac 'n cheese bites.  Essentially little squares of mac 'n cheese deep fried into a dumpling.  They were.. unfortunately delicious...

In conclusion.  Fried anything is better than regular anything and I can barely walk.


  1. What are bike sprints? Pedaling as fast as you can on low resistance? Or is it something different? I'm interested.

    Sounds like you worked your butt off today and yep you are definitely going to be sore. I wish I had a personal trainer friend. :) I need that kind of motivation.

    I'm glad you had a good day. Oh and I always feel more productive when I've gotten some exercise. :)

  2. oh man! that sounds like a heck of a workout...I would have died I think. As for the mac and cheese bites...sounds heavenly. i know how hard it is to resist...