Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I know!

I know! I need to author another blog, like I need a hole in my head.

So, what's this blog about?

I'm fat. Simple.

I use to be skinny. I use to be really skinny.

I want to be skinny again.

Actually, I want to be fit, skinny would be great, but mostly I want to have the muscles that I need to ride the ponybeast. She's ridable, and so I'm out of excuses as to why I can't ride her.

Since I refuse to make goals for Denali, I figured I can make goals for myself right?

My goal: 35 pounds. I'd love to say 50 pounds, but I figured I need to be realistic.

Goal for week 1:
1. Move more.
2. Eat less crap.

I think I can handle those!

- Denali's Mom


  1. Those are exactly my own goals, except I want to lose the 50 lbs. AND I have my own pair of little black breeches except mine are white! AHH white breeches! I know, I must be crazy. :)

  2. LOL Move more and eat less crap. Words we could all live by. :)