Monday, January 17, 2011

Damn Hormones

If I would never have PMS again, I would be the skinniest human being without even trying. I was doing good, doing good, doing good, then I started to eat everything that wasn't nailed down. I hate hormones. I can't stop from starving. No matter what I eat, I still feel like I'm going to die. Maybe that's how Denali feels?

So diet is not going well. Not going well at all.


  1. I have that problem too!!!! In fact I'm going to try to eat a gluten free diet for a little while to see if that's what causes some of my issues, but it's so hard! And I get so bloated that I have to wear jeans a size or two bigger than I normally do. Does not help the PMS blues either. Sigh. I know how you feel at least, although I have no advice to give.

  2. Ugh when I'm premenstrual I'm a bottomless PIT! It's crazy. And all i want are french fries with a side of chips. :) oh and chocolate.

  3. I dont like sweets at all, but when I'm PMS'ing all I want is sweets! CAKE! ICECREAM! CHOCOLATE! tragic.