Thursday, January 20, 2011


(admin, please delete this post after it is resolved)

If we have won a corporate award, how exactly are we going to follow the guidelines for said award? Should we each contribute a fact about ourselves? Should we try to come up with a list that reflects (more or less) all of us?

I think it merits further discussion!


  1. I saw that this blog got nominated, and I think we should all submit a fact, or something like it, about ourselves.
    as for nominating other blogs, I have no idea. Almost all the blogs I read have already been nominated, myself included

  2. Can all nominate ourselves? Ha, I have no idea.

    One factoid each--should it be on a theme?

  3. You could do one fact each or you could all do separate posts as if you had won the award individually and give all the facts. If it's the Stylish Blogger Award that's been going around I think everyone's pretty much been hit with it so you could just tag anyone who hasn't done it yet or just don't pass it along at all. It's up to you guys. Coming up with seven different things can be difficult lol. Have fun!

  4. We should do a weightloss fact. Actually I don't care.