Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hey all, Codi here.

I came across this blog from reading Denali's blog, and at first was merely interested. I had started a blog like this myself a few years ago, but it never really took off. The invited bloggers were all people I knew personally, in real life, so maybe posting was just a bit too shameful. Whatever the reason, I found myself as the only one posting after the first week, and within a month the entire project was squashed.

I didn't say, "ohmygodIhavetojoin," until Rebecca wrote her sweet feed post. I had been playing with diets and exercise for a while but I don't think any of it sunk in until I saw that post. Last year, I had to lose 10lbs. Not only did I not lose the 10, I gained another 40. Yikes. It sat in my head as just a number, albeit a number that ran through my head hourly, until Rebecca equated it to a bag of grain. REALLY? I have to lose an amount that I HATE carrying around? No wonder the boyfriend never offers to give me a piggy back ride anymore...

Well, anyway, here I am. I'm about to start two programs concurrently that you're not supposed to do together. Dynamite 180 (I'm pretty skeptical of the 650 cal/day thing, too, so we'll be playing this one by ear. It should be a surprise to no one that if you starve yourself, you'll lose weight. I want to see how good this program is at getting needed nutrients into your body, keeping you energized, and curbing hunger) and Couch-to-5K. It's probably not a great idea to mix the two, even modified versions of both, but eventing season is coming up. How can I possibly ask my mare to run around, in shape, much less hoist her body and me over things when I don't think I could handle the just me part?

Do not worry, fellow bloggers, this will in no means be a crash diet - I like food FAR too much - in fact I have a belated Valentine's Day dinner coming up on Saturday at my favorite restaurant where I fully plan to stuff myself beyond any reasonable limit. Can't take dieting TOO seriously ;)

Oh, and my little black breeches? They aren't black. They're Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Full Seats, in tan, of which I will not be buying anything larger than a size 28!


  1. How does one join in on the fun? Do you have to get invited to post (that seems like a dumb question, obviously you have to be invited). Whoever is in charge....I'd be interested in joining!

  2. Cute horse! Do you have a horse blog we can follow?

    Welcome to the blog. I'm not a member, but I love following it and offering encouragement. I don't know anything about either of those diets, but I'm glad you're knowledgeable and being careful with crash/starvation dieting. Do you have a goal or time frame? Enjoy your Valentine dinner!

  3. Welcome!! So glad someone other than me is blogging here. ;-)

    Your horse is totally adorable.

  4. I guess my comment got lost . . . I don't remember what I said, but welcome and do you have a horse blog that we can follow? Your horse is gorgeous. :)

  5. Hey guys! Thanks for the comments on Ellie :) I do have a horse blog, I have to make it not private, will do that in the morning...V-Day dinner was ah-may-zing (amazing steak followed by Grand Marnier chocolate fudge bread pudding...ohmygosh!)

    Thanks for the well wishes, talk to you all soon! :)