Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've been reasonably consistent with my exercise, but I've been working hard on another aspect of weight loss: eating right. It's hard. I love sweets and desserts and icecream and fried chicken... and it's probably not healthy to go on because then you'll all want it, too.

However, I have tried to make changes. I do eat breakfast. I do eat lunch. I eat them on 9" dessert plates instead of on 12" dinner plates. My grandpa is fond of reminding everyone that when he was a kid, dinner plates were 9". So. Food on the 9" plate. Eat until full. Eat ONLY UNTIL FULL. When full, stop eating. Even if there's some left. Even if it's yummy. Just stop and put it in the refrigerator.

I guess it's working. On Thursday, I was at a friend's house. She made amazing tacos. I ate entirely too many tacos. I was very uncomfortable all night and then made a lot of visits to the commode in the morning. To further confirm my hypothesis, I went to a superbowl party. I actually ate remarkably well--some chips, some veggies, a few crackers, and my mighty weakness: tacos.

Ugh. Not a good Monday morning, either. I feel better about myself. As to whether I look better, who knows?

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  1. Yeah my digestive system basically gave me no choice about eating right. I can't eat fast food, at restaurants, processed/frozen/microwave type foods and dinners, etc. I have to eat the old fashioned way like our grandparents. It totally sucks but it does get easier and when you slip up you have those bad mornings that help convince you to say no next time. Keep up the great work and in no time you'll look and feel one million times better. I know I do. :)