Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ok, Ok, Ok

SOOO.....I started this blog because I was dead set against losing weight. Then life got stressful and I continued to do everything in my power to NOT work out, and chocolate became my best friend again. :( I THINK that's the last time I blogged. NOT winning. :)


I decided during Christmas that enough is enough. That I need to seriously take a look at what I eat and that I need to start working out. I complain about how I can't stay on my horse, but honestly I'm 60 (60!!) pounds overweight!! No wonder I suck at it!

SO I joined a gym.

Have I gone yet? No, BUT with good reason! This Friday I go in for photos (gulp) measurements (GULP) and to weigh in (G-U-L-P!) because I entered into their transformation challenge. It was $50.00 to enter, but I am oh so motivated! The grand prize is $6,000. $6,000!! I could pay for board for a year with that. I could put that into a new horse. OH the money. And yes, while I know other people are starting this in better shape, I know that I have a lot to lose (literally) and I am OH so motivated by competition.

So, Thursday night I go to my first session with my personal trainer. I'm nervous/excited.

See Checkmark! Posting pictures of your super skinny belly motivate me as well. (BTW, I will NOT be posting pictures of myself UNLESS I drop the weight. You've all seen a whale before. Now imagine that with a pony tail.)


  1. I say change the UNLESS to UNTIL. You have to believe you can do it! Which you can!

  2. You will do it! I was overweight for over 10 years. Struggle to lose and gain and lose and gain...you know. Then I started getting to an age where just staying in shape to ride well sort of dropped off the map. I ignored that too for a while. I recently made it important to myself to get in shape, not diet, not starve, just get in shape. And I have lost 20lbs and most of my unhealthy appetite. You have the find the goal that is really important to you - and it will work.

  3. Haha, I was happy I lost everything I wanted to. It was NOT easy though and it took everything I had some days to get to the gym. Now if I had 6K to motivate me...hell, it'd be easy.
    Win that monies!!

  4. Awesome!! You can do it!! Perfect motivation too. :) I bet the personal trainer will help too. I've always wished I could work with one.