Saturday, January 28, 2012

Month Wrap Up

So today is January 28th, which means that I've been part of the "Transformation Challange" for 15 days, 75 more days to go. Let's just say that my lifestyle has changed....A LOT. I have a personal torturer, er, trainer now. Not a cheap endevor at all, but I am using my "new saddle fund" to pay for it. I think it's the first thing I've done for myself in a long time.

I've lost 7 pounds as of Thursday. Tonight I went to the gym and did my new favoriate machine:
It's like an eliptical and stair stepper had a baby. It's a full body work out and I always feel it. I have started to cover the controls while I work out so I don't focus on how many calories I burned. There is a TV on the machine, so I go and enjoy "real" tv. Tonight I went, and before I knew it the show I was watching was over. I burned 650 calories! Watching TV!

75 more days! (and then some....) If I can lose the weight (52 pounds from my start, 45 from now) I plan on keeping it off!


  1. We have those things at the student rec center, love!! Good job :)

  2. Very cool. The TV makes it not be mind-numbingly boring, I think. I used one of those when I had gym access.

    Good job so far--keep it up!!

  3. You're doing great!! Keep up the fantastic work!