Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So I have been working out a few days a week, riding, mucking stalls (LOTS of them) and walking around campus with a heavy backpack so one could say i've lost a few lbs :)

However, my feet HURT. Bad.

Its not just like soreness, I think I actually pulled ligaments in my soles.

I have a theory.

I normally wear minimal shoes...flip-flops, sandals, chuck taylors, etc. My feet hate shoes of substance (and socks) and when I can, I go bare. Otherwise I am in my chucks (no socks) or flippies. I've done this since I was about 12 I think and I'm used to it. I am most comfortable that way and I stay "sound".

Recently, my flip flops broke, and I've been wearing actual tennis shoes. Why not my chucks you say? As noted before, I HATE socks. In wicked heat (100 deg), chucks are NOT comfy at all. If its like, 75 or below, they're fine. The tennis shoes have the whole shibang-arch support and all that blither blather CRAP.

The result of wearing tennis shoes for almost 2 weeks? EXTREMELY sore feet. Like I can barely walk. For sure "lame".

My theory is that since my body and feet are SO sososososososoooo used to me essentially going barefoot (the way people should go, I think) and then switching to extreme padding and fluff, my body reacted negatively.

I am a HUGE supporter of the barefoot movement and I personally feel that most running shoes are pieces of crap that only do damage to the body. Feet are not supposed to be supported like that, and in the long run I think they do more damage than good. However, I am NOT an expert at all, I just feel this way from personal experience.

Take my mom for example. Col. in the USAF, marathoner, tri-athelete, super-dooper-mega-fit-crazy and she has scores  of problems with her knees, back, and hips that developed over time. I, too, have had numerous injuries to my knee, shins, and tendons on my left leg and am nowhere near as fit as her, and all my injuries are new and not related to running.. She is one of those people who has the latest running shoes and swears by them, yet she is always "lame" or  not able to run well. I, on the other hand, CAN run even with fresh injuries with my flat shoes or barefoot, to an extent, only limited by fitness and strength at this point.

See where I'm going with this? Here's a website some skeptics might find interesting.

So. Off to find some flip-flops so I can get back to working out!!


  1. Totally agree. My feet/legs start hurting if I even wear boots too much. I hate the feeling of my inert feet jamming into the ground in ridiculously over padded shoes. HATE.

    Hope you find something soon.

  2. I've been wondering about feet a lot lately too. I loved my running shoes. They felt great and my feet never hurt. Unfortunately they wore out and the soles cracked. I started wearing some New Balance sneakers and my heels HURT. I went to a shoe store and stood on one of those things that show your weight distribution and I stand with all of my weight in my heels. I also stand with more weight on my right foot. And my arches are collapsed causing me to stand on the inside of my foot. I went barefoot a lot as a kid and I think that's why my feet are shaped the way they are. However I have no clue if that's a good thing or not. The guy at the shoe store said I needed insoles with arch support . . . would that make matters worse? I worry about twisting my ankles because my dad does all the time so I think that's another reason I walk on the insides of my feet. I worry that it's damaging my knees, especially considering the way I stand on one foot with my knee locked and my hip dropped. Dunno. I think I know more about horse feet that human lol.