Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Changing Things

I had the stomach flu over the weekend, so I'm looking thin at the moment, but I noticed something. As I'm reincorporating normal food into my diet again, I'm doing it in smaller portions.

Making a concentrated effort to eat smaller portions and less of them takes a long time and is not the most fun thing ever. On the other hand, it works. I had one serving for dinner last night and did not feel the need for a second. If I'm eating and I realize I'm full before my plate is empty, I stop anyways.

The fast food cravings pretty much quit as soon as I got the grease out of my system, then realized that any time I reintroduced it would make my stomach hurt. Normal food is more of a challenge, but I'm making progress.

1 comment:

  1. That's how I am too. Everyone says I eat like a bird because I don't eat much at one time. And yes when you get the fast food out of your system you feel so much better and it actually tasted nasty when you try to eat it again. It makes me sick too. Keep up the great work. I think you're definitely on the right track.