Friday, September 23, 2011


So I've been plugging along this year--I'm working to improve my diet, drinking lots of smoothies, running lots of miles. It's just that I see me in the mirror every day. Same flaws, same problems, same me.

What's really helped me out lately is, oddly enough, a friend coming out and taking pictures of me in breeches with my horse. Yeah, I don't look perfect, but my legs are tighter (even if they wear the same size as before) and my position is so much stronger. I'll never be a super model, but I can get closer to being the rider I've always wanted to be.

Plus, I made it back to my pilates class this morning and my teacher commented that I had lost weight. Nice... she's earning her paycheck. ;)


  1. I think it is good to know and understand it is not the SIZE of your body but the QUALITY of your body. Overall health and strength is so much more important then any size, especially when you are a horse person.

    I am super into pilates on and off the horse. A good diet is also important, not eating less, but eating better food that gives you good calories that give you energy and keep you active.

    If you are heading in the right direction, YAY!!!!!!

  2. Yep, pictures help me too. I just can't see improvements by looking in the mirror lol. Keep up the great work!