Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's all in your head.

Right.  I know that I'm "not fat."  I know this, because I am (in fact), not fat.  HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that I don't feel like a hippo after halloween when I haven't been working out regularly.  In fact, it's shocking how my own brain can completely and totally convince myself that I've somehow ballooned into a sedentary beast, best suited for floating weightless in water (sea lion, anyone?). 

However, as much as I hate my brain for tricking me into those negative thoughts and images, I absolutely love, love, love it when it decides to flip the opposite way after I've managed to string two workouts together back to back...  Because honestly, that's all it takes. 

Two workouts and I'm just sore enough to confuse lactic acid with actual muscle mass, and that slight after burn in the lungs makes me feel like I could climb a mountain if I wanted to (I don't actually want to).

So that's where I am.  Two workouts into Turbofire.  I might be slightly obsessed, and I'd SWEAR that my pants are looser, but that's probably just as much an illusion as when I think they're about to burst off and I'll never zip into my breeches again.

But here's to positive feedback :)

Now if only my mare would keep her shoes attached to her feet, we'd go for a celebratory ride....

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  1. Hehehe isn't the brain a great thing? I like when mine surprises me with a great positive thought without my having to search for it lol. Glad you're enjoying your new workout. :D