Friday, March 18, 2011

I Look Amazing

Actually, I look probably exactly the same as I did yesterday at this time, except now I have messier hair.

However, I took the dogs for a nice two mile run this morning, then scooted out the door to pilates for an hour. It never fails. If I work out, I feel good about how I look. If I do nothing, I feel like I look like a fat cow. I KNOW that I pretty much look the same either way, but I'd just as soon feel emotionally good about myself.

Also, I now have a water bottle that holds 24oz. I have two 8 oz cups of water in the morning, and with my water bottle, I continue consumption throughout the day. It is 10.30am and I've already had almost 50oz of water. Not only does it keep me hydrated, I also feel less hungry.

That said, I take a ton of potty breaks. >.>


  1. I drink about 80oz a day cuz I bought a really nice h20 bottle and I noticed it does the same things for me!! Keeps cellulite away too, somewhat.

  2. Yeesh I wish I could drink that much. A lot of the time I don't even realize I'm not drinking enough until I get dehydration symptoms. Sigh.

    I feel better when I work out too. Keep up the great work!